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Notice: Shipping parcels are encouraged to ship via XB direct shipping Hub

Dear customer:

Guangzhou government implemented the Yun Di’an express delivery monitoring mechanism, forcing our company to opening every package and upload record to the public security system, which caused an increase in the cost of warehouses in China

Therefore, the following fee adjustments have been made. Starting from August 1, 2020, all ocean small parcels packaged in a warehouse in China will be charged a package fee of RM1/parcel.

To avoid this fee, please use the XB direct shipping warehouse for the ocean small parcels , and let the package be shipped directly to Malaysia before packing (do not use the Baiyun warehouse in China)

Thank you all for your cooperation



广州政府实行的云递安快递监控机制,强逼我司每一个包裹打开录资料上传到公安系统, 这导致中国仓库成本增加

因此做出以下费用调整, 2020年8月1日起, 所有在中国仓库集运打包的海运小包将征收 RM1/包裹 的包裹费。

若要避开此费用,海运小包请走 XB 直发仓, 让包裹直发到马来西亚才打包 (勿走中国白云仓)

Asiadaigou 经商